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My Solemender Story:

Your inspiration and creation are brilliant!  I was so excited about your creation because I have suffered from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis for years--my late 20's to my current age of 65.  When I was in pain, chasing a golf ball was ridiculous!  I tried other sized balls.  Another fiasco!  I tried a rolling pin with no success.  I used to get peanut butter in a plastic jar; and when it was empty, I would fill it almost to the top with water and freeze it to roll under my foot.  Most of the time I hand rolled the jar on my foot.  I massaged, froze, heated, and stretched to no avail.  Most of the time I just suffered and limped.  Limping today, as I get older, negatively impacts other parts of my body.  So, what to  do?  Get your "Sole Mender!"  

This wonderful invention addresses the need for massage and cold.  The ability to apply varying amounts of pressure as one massages is necessary to facilitate healing of the foot.  One is also able to use this device to keep the fascia stretched (cold or room temperature) and to refresh one's feet after being on them all day!  Rubbing one's foot on the roller just feels good.  The ease of use is amazing with no chasing parts all over the room!    

Cynthia O., Illinois


I recently got a Solemender and I am extremely impressed.  Just throw the roller in the freezer for a few hours and it's ready to go.  After a couple of slips, I learned to keep my body weight over the roller and it worked like a charm, alleviating my recurring foot pain from Plantar's Fasciitis. I used to use a golf ball, but now I'm hooked!  

Darel S., Missouri


As a person who has dealt with plantar fasciitis over the last year I cannot recommend this product enough. It's easy to use, durable, and a clearly well developed product. I am a CrossFit trainer and coach by trade, so I am on my feet daily. I use one of these during my rest time in the office and another in the evenings. The decrease in pain happened almost immediately.

I have also shared this product with customers in my gym and they all have shared the same positive results. One client that plays soccer weekly and is over 50 years old shared with me that he typically can't walk the next morning after a late night game because of his foot pain. He said after I shared this product that he could walk with no pain the next morning. If you are a person that constantly deals with foot pain, tendinitis, or plantar fasciitis this is the product for you!

Justin H., Saint Louis

I received my Solemender today and tried it tonight and just want you to know I love it!

Linda M.,  Santa Fe, NM

I received my Solemender and really love it.  I use it every day and feel it is the perfect solution for icing my heel. I am so pleased you created this item and wish you much success in your future endeavors including finishing your education.
Marguerite R., Berkley, CA
You're a very impressive young, creative entrepreneur with a great sense for business and customer service. I absolutely LOVE your product!!! Solemender is so much better than dealing with frozen bottles of water.  I love that fact that it's not messy and it stays in place while I'm icing my feet.  My feet thank you, I thank you...you are brilliant and I know your mom and dad are very proud of you. Keep up the great work!  Wishing you continued success with Solemender and your future creations!  
Lynn, Marietta, GA.

I saw this product on Shark Tank...The three I have ordered now are Christmas presents. I have used the product for three weeks and I love It!

Betty, Ohio.

"My feet say THANK YOU! Love the convenience of the Solemender. I am an avid runner, hiker and all around active person. Years and years of frozen H2O bottles are out the door! "

P.P. Phoenix, AZ


Yes, this is perfect for me! I purchased one for me and then purchased three more for my daughters. I love this product!!!       

Betty S.  



I just got my sole mender today!
I couldn't wait to try it.
I put the roller in the freezer for 2 hours and am sitting here using it now.
I LOVE it! It feels sooo good rolling my injured foot across the cool smooth roller soothing the pain.
I also love that it doesn't move as I roll. The base stays stable.
The sharks missed out. You should've gotten a deal. This is awesome. 
Thanks for being so creative to think of a solution for our hurting soles.
All the best to you!