Find relief if you:

Are an athlete

Sports activities that place a lot of stress on your heel and attached tissue can contribute to the onset of plantar fasciitis.

Are flat-footed

Flat feet can affect the way weight is distributed when you're standing and can put added stress on the plantar fascia.

Have Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Over two million people spend more than $284,000,000 trying to fix it.

You're Not Alone

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common reason for heel pain in the country. Over two million people are treated for it each year and spend more than $284,000,000 trying to fix it.

A Half Solution

Physicians often initially recommend icing to treat micro-tears of the plantar fascia or tendon. This led to the rise of the frozen water bottle. If you’ve tried it, you know how uncomfortable and difficult it can be. The bottle keeps sliding the whole time you're using it, and often it only provides temporary relief.

Lasting Relief!

The SOLEMENDER is a patent-pending device utilizing a reusable metal roller filled with proprietary cooling gel. Unlike traditional foot rollers and current massagers available on the market, the SOLEMENDER uses an innovative design to treat foot conditions. The non-skid base and solid structure allow for twice daily use at home or the office. The cooling gel retains its temperature for hours after freezing.

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Testimonials From Former Foot Pain Sufferers

"I use it everyday! It's something that is inexpensive and really works."

"I can now wear heels without the aches and pains."

Doctor Created, Customer Approved

Dr. Vinay Kamat, MD. Co-Creator & Founder Of Solemender

Solemender is an improvement on the already recommended frozen ice bottle treatment. However, this cold roller doesn’t just massage your feet, it helps heal them.

There’s no need to keep rummaging through household items like toys and plastic water bottles in hopes of finding the right solution for your foot pain.

Solemender is The Perfect Solution.

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Life-Changing Testimonials

After working on my feet for 12+ hours, coming home and using the solemender honestly does wonders. The cold rollerball relieves pain almost instantly.

Linda M.

My feet say THANK YOU! Love the convenience of the Solemender. I am an avid runner, hiker, and all-around active person. Years and years of frozen H2O bottles are out the door!

Marguerite R.

As a person who has dealt with plantar fasciitis over the last year, I cannot recommend this product enough. It's easy to use, durable, and a clearly well-developed product.



How long till I start seeing results?

Almost immediately

How long should I freeze the Solemender Roller?

Typically we recommend a minimum of two hours in the freezer before use but leaving the SOLEMENDER roller in the freezer overnight will provide the best treatment.

Why is this the best treatment for my foot pain?

The SOLEMENDER provides a reusable, cold foot relief solution and an effective rolling massage all in one non-skid unit. Cold therapy has been used for hundreds of years to treat inflammation. Doctors, podiatrists and other health practitioners have long recommended the treatment of foot pain to include cold therapy for reduced inflammation.

How long does shipping take?

Typically you can expect 3-7 business days for standard shipments once the order is processed (processing takes an average of 48 hours)