$59.99 $86.94

Goodbye, foot pain. Thousands of happy feet can't be wrong. The Solemender's innovative non-slip, cooling design relieves foot pain almost instantly. Doctor created, doctor approved.

This bundle comes with a base, an original Solemender roller, AND.... get new massaging roller! (second base not included)

Solemender's new massaging roller fits seamlessly into the same base as the original, making it easy for you to switch out the rollers depending on the massage type you're hoping to use that day. 

Plus, our customers LOVE having one roller in the base while the other is in the freezer, making it easy to switch them out each day so they're never without the cold therapy provided by the proprietary cooling gel inside the rollers. 

For proper hygiene and maximum usage out of your SOLEMENDER, we recommend replacing rollers every 6 months with a new one.